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Dr. Robert Irvin
1951 - 2019

Robert E. Irvin, D.O.

Postural Relief of Common, Chronic Pain

Original research by Robert E. Irvin, D.O.
Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine
Section of Osteopathic Principles and Practice
Tulsa, Oklahoma
In private practice in Fort Worth, Texas

What This Site Is About

This site is a public service to provide notice of a recent advance in the treatment of common, chronic pain that can be enduringly and markedly relieved by the precise use of orthotics to reduce even the normal stress of posture. Modern medicine usually emphasizes the treatment of abnormal extents of disorder, thus only a minority of people, usually, are candidates for care. It is now reported in medical literature that correcting even normal extents of flatness of the arches or angularity of the feet by the use of foot orthotics worn in the shoes, or correcting normal unlevelness of the pelvis (an average of 1/4 inch) by a heel lift inside one shoe, is followed by a strong and enduring reduction of chronic pain. Thus, most people with chronic pain can be helped, as most people have somewhat flattened arches, some angularity of the ankles, and unlevelness of the pelvis.

This site describes this method in detail and can be printed for discussion with your physician, lists practitioners presently trained in this technique, and calendars weekend Courses which your physician can attend to learn this procedure for relief of your chronic pain.

Note: The pages on this site are under refinement and therefore are subject to correction and augmentation. This book is intended as a living correspondence between the author and the participant audience. If you have constructive comments or questions regarding the clarity or scope of the information presented here, please contact, and he will respond. Thank you.

New! Download Annals of Musculoskeletal Disorders
Irvin R (2017) Disequilibrium of Posture as Root Cause for Preponderance of Chronic Neuromusculoskeletal Pain. Ann Musc Disord 1(1): 1006.

Download Dr. Irvin's article on Relieving Chronic Pain.
Irvin R.E (2011) Enduring relief of chronic pain, using orthotics to correct postural imbalance.
Chapter in: Dalton, et al: Dynamic Body: Exploring Form, Expanding Function, Freedom From Pain Institute, 62-84

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