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Directory of Orthotists Who Optimize the Feet

The following are the names of companies that craft orthotics in accord with the standard of optimal shape and alignment of the feet. To obtain foot orthotics, you can

  1. have an imprint taken of your feet by your physician, have this imprint shipped to one of the below Companies, and they will ship the orthotics back to you with a bill for this service that ranges from $175 to $225, or

  2. present personally to one of these Companies.
Baker Brace Co.
810 Lipscomb
Fort Worth, Texas 76104

Center For Postural Correction
3618 A West 7th St.
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Loveless Orthotics
2434 S.W. 29th St.
Oklahoma. City, Oklahoma 73119

Future plans are to have dual Workshops for 1) physicians, dentists, and podiatrists, and 2) orthotists, to enable these attenders to obtain and provide this advanced service in their locale.

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