Robert E. Irvin, D.O.
Postural Relief of Common, Chronic Pain

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Patient Testimonials

     Skeletal Pain Issues:

      Thank you for the great report Dr. Irvin. You are an incredible physician! You were also very pleasant to be around. I will inform everyone I come in contact with that has skeletal pain issues about you for the rest of my life.

      I am so fortunate to have had a fine doctor like Dr. Kramer who had the wisdom and good judgment to refer me to your expert care. Pain is a terrible thing to have to live with.

      You, incredibly, stopped my pain on my very first visit. Since then I had only one minor flare up which you quickly corrected. I am now pain free. I cannot possibly thank you enough. Your charges were both affordable and reasonable. You literally give patients a new "lease on life".

      Best wishes in your practice,


     Post Polio Gait and Pain:

     Having had polio (infantile paralysis) as a child in 1933, my left leg and shoulder became slightly lower than the right, and as I grew to adulthood, I gradually developed a curvature of the spine, causing my left foot to turn out as I walked. However, with "lifts" added to my left shoe, leveling my shoulders, I was able to walk satisfactorily from the age of 10 until my mid-60's, when I began to develop increasing pain in my back and left shoulder, and my progression of shoe-lifts were no longer addressing the problem. By the time I was 75, my pain was severe, and I had reached the point of considering a wheel chair.

     It was then I had the good fortune to discover Dr. Robert E. Irvin, D.O., and through an ongoing series of X-rays that allowed him to "measure" my skeletal dysfunction, he prescribed an ongoing series of shoe adjustments, and together with his extraordinary hands-on manipulation, he steadily transformed my body.

     Now, three years later, my shoulders and hips are virtually level, and despite the fact that my left shoe has a considerable amount of "build-up," my foot no longer pronates to the left, and I am walking with greater balance and ease than I could ever have imagined. Any minor discomfort I may have incurred due to the complexity of progression during Dr. Irvin's treatments, and/or shoe "corrections" has only led to a greater stability, and thus far, I have never regressed.

     By and large, my overall course has been routinely forward and positive due to Dr. Irvin's insight and exceptional facility of bodily manipulation.


     Clumsiness in Gait:

     When I noticed my eighteen month old daughter was falling more frequently than would be expected, I brought the matter up with my family doctor. He referred me to Dr. Irvin, then working at Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. At our first meeting, Dr. Irvin watched as my daughter walked down a long hall and back. His assessment from that brief visual exam was that my daughter's right leg was an eighth of an inch shorter than the left. He put a lift in her shoe and within a week she was no longer falling.


     Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome:

     For much of my life I have experienced chronic pain with my back, neck, and head. When I would seek medical help, I would be sent home with a "clean bill of health," and no answers for my pain. This chronic pain reached a point of affecting everything. Walking was difficult. I was losing the ability to write and to hold onto objects such as a pan of brownies or a container of milk. I could no longer sing or paint. Because of severe headaches, my thinking was greatly impaired. My children would have to "help" me drive by watching for stop lights and telling me when to turn. I was unable to be the mother and wife I had wanted to be. The pain became so great I could only focus on getting through minute by minute. I began to lose hope.

     I was finally diagnosed with temporomandibular joint syndrome (T.M.J.S.). However, conventional treatments did not stop the pain or the deterioration of the quality of my life. A cranial-sacral therapist who was helping me to rehabilitate after T.M.J. surgery recognized my skeletal and muscular dysfunction as being a major problem to my T.M.J. recovery and put me in contact with Dr. Irvin.

     Because of Dr. Irvin's care and treatment, my quality of life has increased dramatically. Severe chronic pain is no longer an issue. I am an active participant in the lives of my children and my husband. I have also been able to fulfill a life long dream of becoming a teacher, and will begin my 4th year of teaching third grade. I have even been able to further my art endeavors and have participated in my first art show.

     Dr. Irvin's successful treatment for my skeletal and muscular dysfunction has resulted in giving me back my life.


     Five Stars:

I’ve had a month of crazy, horrible abdominal pain. I’ve had almost every part of my digestive system checked, and tested. 4mg of morphine didn’t touch the pain, tramadol didn’t touch it. Diet change didn’t help. They just couldn’t find anything wrong with me. A few x rays, a physical exam, a couple of jokes, and one adjustment later, and I’m FINE! I’m sore, but I’m not in constant pain anymore! All I need to do is use these two tiny orthotic pads, one beneath one heel and the other in my chair beneath one buttock, and I’m good! It is a freaking trip. Do it, go here, [Postural Orthopedics] see Dr. Irvin, and stop being in chronic pain, he might be able to help.

--Elizabeth Jackson

     Think of your life without a constant pain somewhere in your body; think of your life without any surgery to TRY and get rid of that pain.

Thirty years ago, I had that constant pain in my neck and shoulders. I was constantly taking Tylenol, Excedrin, etc. I also had been diagnosed with carpal tunnel. When surgery was recommended for this, I said “No way”. The doctor then said, “Well then, you find a way to live with your condition. I did. I found Dr. Irvin.

He first of all, took X-rays only to discover I was nearly an inch short on my right side. He corrected this in a matter of one course of treatment by having all my shoes corrected. It took a while for my body to adjust to an aligned height but in a matter of months, I could run and bicycle again without the awful knife in my shoulders.

I also found that despite all the surgeries done on one’s wrist for carpel tunnel, this may NOT be where the problem originates. For me it was in the neck and shoulder. He corrected that. AND with no surgery!

We have sent many friends to see Dr. Irvin. Of all our doctors, he is the one that has consistently helped us the most, and that’s without medication or surgeries.

We love him as a doctor and a friend. We go regularly for “tune-ups”. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have discovered Dr. Irvin and pray that he never leaves Fort Worth. However, we travel two and a half hours to see him having moved to east TX twenty years ago. You have nothing to lose to see him and to gain a lifetime of freedom from pain.

--Helen S.

     4 Treatments

I had major knee surgery on my left knee. After 4 months of rehab I developed a sharp pain in the knee which required me to walk with a cane. I made an appointment with my surgeon After taking am X-ray I was prescribed steroids for temporary relief and after that I was told to start taking extra strength Tylenol. I did neither. The pain was diagnosed as arthritis. I was told I would just have to live with the pain.

Dr. Irvin changed all of that. After 4 treatments my arthritis and pain was totally gone. That was 4 years ago and no recurrence. He is a miracle worker.

--Gus S.

     Other Comments:

     Hello Dr. Irvin,

     I wanted to thank you for letting me rotate with you during my internship.
     The training I received has benefitted my practice tremendously.
     I have astonished my MD colleagues in finding reasons for chronic pain in our pts. Those reasons are 100% postural imbalances.
     Now I get all the referrals.

     Anyway, I hope you are well.

     Thank you and my best.

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